Activities offered around your meeting

Magical beer experience - stories about beer

Round off your meeting with our highlight, the “Magical Beer Experience". As the last descendant of the line of "Personae in Procura", Thorstein Gerstentreiber IV is the Beer Ambassador of the “Glaabsbräu” brewery in Seligenstadt and the only person who can calm the spirit of Ferdinand Glaab I, the founder of the brewery. Until now, the Prokura, which his great-grandfather held as the right hand of Ferdinand Glaab I, was denied him. But the love for the Hopfenbräu and the fun of entertaining...

Basic event in the historical vault or in the Zehntscheune: beer-tasting and three-course menu, interspersed with show elements. Optional addition: beer tasting with "cheese and chocolates" - a special beer experience.

Gin or whisk(e)y tasting

We would be happy to offer you a tasting of selected gins or whiskies in our "BEE bar", which we do in cooperation with our professional partners. We can provide you with individual offers on request.

Pétanque in the meeting and event garden

We can arrange a small pétanque tournament for your group and create an individual event, gladly also with professional tuition and a picnic basket and ice box next to the pitch. Various baskets are available, e.g. "Hessen laughs” basket with apple wine and juice, lokal “Handkäse”, bread and butter. Ask for other options.

Barbecue - Enjoy the summer!

Our garden terrace, sheltered under majestic chestnut trees, is perfect for a barbecue at the end of your meeting. We have three different barbecue proposals on offer which we can send you in advance. We can adapt the selection of barbecued meats to your wishes.

Rustic evening in the vault - let your event end in our rustic vault from the year 1665. We recommend a Hessian buffet or an apple wine menu. Of course, we also serve every menu or buffet of your choice.

Hessian evening with Apfelwein (apple wine) tasting – we invite our local apple wine producer over, who tells us curious and interesting facts about Apfelwein and its history. You get to taste different Apfelweins, optionally combined with a suitable menu.

Guided tour of the old town in German and English - Follow the night watchman on his tour of Steinheim. The starting point is the Villa Stokkum, located directly at the old town wall. During this 1½ hour walk you will learn about Steinheim. Other theme tours: Midwife Dorothea and the herbalist and marketwoman Adelheid lead you through the Steinheim of the year 1520. The two tell the most interesting and amusing tales about life in the Middle Ages, their village as well as all sorts of herbs and their magical and healing effects. "Pastor Johannes Indagine" shows "his" Steinheim. It leads along the fortifications over the Zehntscheune to the castle and gives an insight into deep old town cellars as well as into the parish church.


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