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Tesla Supercharger: How Charging and Payment Work

The Tesla Superchargers (SuC) at the Villa Stokkum have a maximum charging power of 250 kW and are also usable for non-Tesla vehicles. To charge your electric car, take the CCS charging plug and connect it to your vehicle. Then open the Tesla app on your smartphone and select "Charge non-Tesla" from the menu. Next, choose the corresponding charging station. You can identify the specific charging station by looking at the signs on the respective pillar. By tapping "Start charging," the charging process will commence. To stop the charging process, simply tap "Stop charging."

To use a Supercharger, you need to have the Tesla app installed on your smartphone. You must be registered in the app and have a valid payment method associated with your account.

Get the Tesla App here

With the Tesla app, you can access your Tesla and Tesla energy products from anywhere. Download the iOS or Android version of the app and log in to your Tesla account using your email address and password.

Offering the largest number of electric charging stations at a hotel in the Rhein-Main region: The Best Western Premier Hotel Villa Stokkum in Hanau-Steinheim is expanding its range of electric charging stations with 16 additional Tesla Superchargers that are compatible with all types of electric or hybrid cars using CCS connectors. These charging stations are not only available to hotel guests but also to the general public. The first eight new fast-charging stations are already operational, with another eight to follow in in future.




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